We’ve created a collection brand that gives guests an inspiring new choice. A family of one-off hotels where people can indulge a growing passion for stays that are authentic, experiential and considerate.

Hotels that stand out and stand together to enrich the world of travel.

Meet our
Vignette Collection brand

A group of hotels with a fresh focus. One that puts people at the heart of everything we do, to reframe luxury hospitality for the better.

Our hotels are unique in their own right, with their own distinct outlook and story to tell. And yet they’re all connected by a shared vision – travel can benefit local people and places.

Weaving responsibility, community and locality together, our collection exists to make a positive impact in every way.


A name that captures remarkable stories

A vignette is a descriptive story or illustration used to capture the detail and emotion of moments, often marking the start of new chapters.

In consumer research across multiple countries, guests tell us that the name sounds luxurious while being distinctive, elegant and intriguing at the same time.

It is this balance of individuality and belonging to a family of like-minded properties that sits at the heart of our collection – giving our guests a more authentic way to travel.

Welcome to our Vignette Collection brand

This is a Collection with a difference

Our beliefs and values are the thread that runs throughout our family of unique hotels, assuring guests that the spirit of Vignette Collection will shape every single element of their stay.

United by a love of travel


Our love for travel brings us all together. Inspired by all the good it brings, we celebrate the new perspectives and possibilities it unlocks.

For life

We’re driven by all the lives we seek to fulfil – not only of our guests, but of our colleagues and local communities too. Because we’re all playing a part in something bigger. This is a lasting legacy, shaping a brighter future for travel and hospitality.

For those seeking both discovery and purpose

We’re here for the next generation of luxury travellers – the thoughtful venturers. Those who want to make positive choices, even while they’re away from home.

With a discerning eye for both style and substance, and an eagerness to discover something new, they’re looking for stories to share.